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When to Replace & When To Repair Heating in Queens

When to Replace & When To Repair Heating in Queens

Making this decision can be tough if you don’t know your system. It may be as simple as making the necessary repairs and then keeping system running smoothly with a regularly schedule tune up. After all, all systems need repairs from time to time, maybe the issues will go away after some key parts are replaced and the system undergoes a good maintenance. On the other hand, however, the repair costs could add up, and you could find that purchasing a modern AC unit is a wiser investment than trying to keep up the old one.

Queens Heating Repairs: Time to Get a Full Inspection

The best way to find out what course of action you should take is to hire an experienced Queens heating contractor to perform a comprehensive inspection on your entire system. Only a Queens heating repairs and service professional can look at a system and tell you what will end up saving you money in the end. A thorough inspection could include:

  • Checking the main motor
  • Inspecting all connections and unit leaks
  • A full analysis of the ventilation and duct system
  • The overall efficiency of the unit
  • Thermostat assessment

Your Furnace or Boiler’s Efficiency

A major issue that should be explored is the overall efficiency of your old model of furnace or boiler. Even with heating repairs and maintenance, an older model will eventually run poorly simply because it is old and wearing down. It’s probably a good idea to an analysis of your energy bill. How much are you paying verses how much you should be paying each month. While it is true that there are other factors that can affect your bill, such a properly insulated home, it’s not difficult to make the connection between your old unit and your high electric bill. Your model’s efficiency is affected by the condition of the parts, leaks in the system, and how well it’s been taken care of over the years.

Benefits of a New HVAC System

The truth is, purchasing a new system is not always a good idea if your older system is still running great, but just needs a few adjustments or new parts. There are some obvious benefits, however to purchasing newer models.

  • Efficiency – Newer models require far less energy to run at peak performance than older models do. In many cases, your energy bill could be cut in half with a new model.
  • Technology – Newer models are programmable and are able to be fine-tuned to your exact temperature specifications. This can greatly reduce your overall thermostat and system usage.
  • Durable – Newer HVAC systems are more durable than the older models. They are more guaranteed to last up to 20 years with fewer problems than the earlier systems.
  • Wise Investment – If you’re ever considering selling your house in the future, a new AC system is a huge selling point that will attract prospective buyers down the road.

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