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Common Water Heater Problems And Solutions For Brooklyn Homes

Common Water Heater Problems And Solutions For Brooklyn Homes

Your water heater runs silently to provide hot water for your Brooklyn family and is generally a forgotten appliance until a problem pops up unexpectedly and you’re looking at new water heaters.

A lot of common problems with water heaters can be avoided if a Brooklyn homeowner can recognize that there’s an issue and understand what needs to be done to solve them. When there’s a problem, a plumber can handle the water heater repairs but there are some things you can do. For instance, install a water softener and call a professional to service your water heater. With a little attention, water heaters last longer.

As a Brooklyn homeowner, you’ll want to know a few of the common problems with water heaters and what causes them. Then, you can avoid replacing the water heater years sooner than you should have to.

Not Enough Hot Water For Everyone

Taking a cold shower in never fun. The soothing effect of hot water helps us to relax and exfoliate the skin. If your water heater sends hot water for one or two people and then runs out, there’s an issue which needs the attention of a plumber.

However, if only one person gets a nice hot shower, one of the following common issues may be happening.

  1. One or more of the heating elements inside the water heater tank may have failed or malfunctioned. A few causes could be sediment buildup to the height of the lower heating element or corrosion within the tank. By having your water heater maintenance done every year with a flush out, you’ll avoid tank corrosion and heating element failure. Water tanks with hard water running through them will need to be flushed out a couple of times a year.
  2. Your water heater isn’t big enough for everyone in the household. Maybe you moved into a home that originally had fewer people living in it. Water heaters are chosen by basing how many bedrooms the home had when it was built. Later, the tank is replaced according to the needs of the family or just replaced with the same size. You may need a larger water heater tank installed.

Hot Water Minerals And Limescale Buildup

Are there white, chalky flakes getting all over your dishes or floating in your soup pot or tea? This is limescale, a substance that forms after mineral deposits are super-heated. All water sources have a mineral deposit to some degree.

With hard water, the heated sediments will start sticking to everything including the lining of pipes and the rest of your home’s plumbing system. Your dishwasher will start to leave behind spots and chalky film, and your laundry will start to look dingy.

When the problem goes on, no amount of water heater tank flushing or maintenance will remove the corrosion that the limescale caused. Your only choice will be to replace the tank and install a water softener to prevent the problem from happening.

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